Monday, April 15, 2024

How World War II Is Taught Around The World

I was taught about World War II over and over in grade school, but it was all from an American perspective. Even today, there are many Americans who believe that World War II began on December 7, 1941. Yet Europe had been in a war for two and a half years already, and Japan had been at war for four years in China. Americans think we won the war, but Russia is pretty sure they did, at least in Europe. And the former Axis powers- how do they teach schoolchildren about what happened in World War II? In this video from Weird History, we get an overview of the perspective from which various nations around the world treat the subject of World War II in their history classes.


Anonymous said...

By A Day That Will Live In Infamy when we declared war on Japan, and Hitler declared war on us, the British and Russians were dependent on the materiels we supplied. Countless aircraft had been flown from the midwest to Alaska then over to Russia. They then traveled by train across Siberia to the Eastern Front. Shiploads of materiels to Murmansk via England.
2 Convoys of ships loaded with the needs of allies left the US every 6 days for years prior to Pearl Harbor. By wars end 3500 merchant ships were sunk and 72,200 seamen died.
Even after we got into the fighting we were supplying the allies mostly thanks to American women who kept the factories humming. No country contributed more to the Allied victory than the US but we certainly didn’t do it alone.

Miss Cellania said...

Like they say, WWII was won by British intelligence, American steel, and Russian blood.