Saturday, December 30, 2023

Year-end Lists 2023: Miscellaneous

Guinness World Records Best of 2023

Rage against the machine: how incel culture went mainstream in 2023.

Sex and Dating in 2023: here’s how we rewrote the rules. Contains NSFW content.

Your top petty complaints and grievances of 2023.

Spheres, Jeers & Cheers: It’s the 2023 Architecture and Design Awards.  

Here are 9 interior decorating trends that totally missed the mark this year.

These Were The Most Questionable Fashion Trends Of 2023.

The definitive ranking of 2023’s best and worst branding.

The best and worst new logo designs of 2023.

The Weirdest Inventions of 2023. 

The Worst National Park Reviews of the Year. 

Parks Canada’s 15 Most Memorable Public Toilets Of 2023.

These Were the Most Popular Museums in 2023. 

The worst-behaved tourists of 2023.

Tom Whitwell's 52 things I learned in 2023.

Jason Kottke's 52 Interesting Things I Learned in 2023.

Merriam-Webster's Word of the year and the runners-up.

Oxford Word
of the Year 2022. And some runners-up.’s Word of the Year for 2023. 

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