Thursday, December 28, 2023

Year-end Lists 2023: Consumer Goods

This is a new category for this year, because frankly, the miscellaneous list was getting out of hand.

It Sucks To Buy Anything In 2023.

A Look Back at 2023: The Year the Housing Market Froze Over.

The Best Airbnbs of 2023 Good Enough to Lure Travelers in 2024.

Consumer Reports Says These Are The Most Reliable Cars Of the 2024 model year. Spoiler: seven of the ten are Toyotas.

The best car tech of 2023.

The 12 Most Innovative EVs of 2023.

Gizmodo's Favorite Toys of 2023.

The Best Board Games of 2023.

The top 5 ads of 2023—and why Apple had the worst one.

These Are the 2023 Eater Award Winners. Raise a glass to the year’s best bars, restaurants, pop-ups, and roving trucks across 21 Eater cities.

Eater's 12 Best New Restaurants of 2023.

Grubhub Orders Reveal the Trendiest Foods of 2023.

The 9 Worst Fast Food Items of 2023.

Uproxx's 100 Best Bourbon Whiskeys Of 2023, Ranked.

The Best Beers Of 2023, According To The Tasting Alliance Beer Judges.

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Anonymous said...

100 Best Bourbon Whiskeys? How many are there for sale? I have a limited choice because of the PA State Store System, but even going over to NJ where some of the liquor stores are gigantic, there aren't 100 bourbons.
With #100=$34, #75=$227, #50=$229, #25=$2500, #1=$22999 who in hell is buying this stuff? Well, I suppose in hell they'd really appreciate it. LoL

gwdMaine said...

Go xoBruce! Yes. It sucks to buy anything. While I doubt everything experienced by that writer all happened on the same day, I have no doubt all of it was experienced over the course of say 1 week. Shopping, online or otherwise has become one royal P.I.T.A. And I too can go to my local beverage store where there will be +/- 50 bourbons and not find a single one of the 'top 100'. Same can be said of the craft beers. Not that I'll ever spend over $60 for a bourbon or $17 for a can of beer. There are so many great craft beers in Maine, there's no single store that carries them all.

Nice new category Miss C. Don't do away with the miscellaneous one though.