Tuesday, December 26, 2023

Miss Cellania's Links

George Washington’s Extra-Boozy Eggnog Recipe Will Knock You Sideways. (via Strange Company

On December 23rd, NES Tetris was crashed naturally for the first time ever by a 13-year-old player known as Blue Scuti. Read the explanation of how Tetris works at those previously-thought unattainable levels and how significant Scuti's game is. (via Metafilter)

Your ‘dessert stomach’ is real. And it’s time you stopped feeling guilty about it. (via Damn Interesting)  

The Real-Life Case That Inspired The Exorcist Is Even More Remarkable Than Fiction. (via Strange Company)

Banksy Art Blatantly Stolen in Record Time.

Teenage Artist Virginia Frances Sterrett’s Hauntingly Beautiful Century-Old Dreamscapes for French Fairy Tales. (via Kottke)

Mickey Mouse, Long a Symbol in Copyright Wars, to Enter Public Domain: ‘It’s Finally Happening’. (Thanks, WTM!)

9 Funerals Gone Wrong, for all different  reasons. You can read the list or listen to it on a video.

15 Forgotten Video Game Accessories. They were too difficult, too expensive, or just a bad idea from the get-go.


Anonymous said...

"and it would be almost impossible for the thieves to sell the artwork at this point anyway."
That is most certainly not true.

Anonymous said...

More like Bland-sy

Spellucci said...

With respect to George Washington's eggnog recipe, "Let set in cool place for several days. Taste frequently." I'll drink to that.