Thursday, December 28, 2023

A Kid’s First Star Wars Movie

How many questions can a 6-year-old ask? The answer is close to infinite. Andy Herald of How to Be a Dad watched the original Star Wars with his son, who had never seen it before. Anyone who’s ever watched a movie with a child that age can relate. Since then, they have watched The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. No prequels yet, but you really don’t need them, I think, to be ready for The Force Awakens.

I have to marvel at the difference ion seeing the movie now as opposed to 1977 in a theater. Like George Lucas, we didn’t know about Luke’s parentage until the second movie years later. And this generation has no idea what it was like to see that crawl, hear that music, and become aware of the Imperial Destroyer looming in the context of what movies were really like in 1977. (via Gamma Squad)


Anonymous said...

I would have gotten a "Shut up and watch it".

Bicycle Bill said...

The other thing missing, in too many cases, is the opportunity to see it in a wide-screen old-school theater with the humongous Altec "Voice of the Theater" series speakers pumping out a sound that went right through you, with those low-end frequencies that could feel in the fillings in your teeth.   Even on the fanciest wide-screen smart TV, streaming it just ain't the same.