Saturday, December 30, 2023

Year-end Lists 2023: Internet

 The Best Of The Internet (2023)

I watched the whole thing. Pretty funny, nothing too offensive, and the injuries aren't all that bad.

There is no YouTube Rewind this year (yet). No Google's Year in Search video (instead, they did a video covering 25 years). No recaps from Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, and I don't have access to the other social media sites. Was the internet that depressing that no one has anything to brag about? 

Google search trends 2023.

The internet moments that defined 2023.

The best internet moments of 2023.

Top Social Media Trends of 2023: Roman Empire, Grimace Shake, Keith Lee and More.

Teens, Social Media and Technology 2023.

2023: The Year In Memes.

Reddit Recap. Members can find out what they wasted their time on in 2023.

These Were the Most-Read Wikipedia Pages of 2023.

The Atlantic's
25 Best Podcasts of 2023.

The New Yorker's Best Podcasts of 2023.

Watch TikTok's top trending videos of 2023.

Memes And TikTok Trends From 2023 We're Sick Of Seeing.

2023 Will Go Down as the Year Twitter Died.

2023: The Wildest Internet Main Characters Of The Year.

The Most Dangerous People on the Internet in 2023.

2023 showed how online platforms can die.

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