Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Precision vs. Accuracy

Precision is not the same as accuracy. You can be very precise and still be inaccurate. Conversely, you can be very accurate but show very little precision in your communication. To illustrate the difference, Randall Munroe made this graph with "facts" that show a range of both precision and accuracy. This comic is from xkcd.


Anonymous said...

As just a tidbit of trivia...
Randall Munroe has a third joke hiding in what is called 'hovertext'.
Hovertext is when you stop your cursor on top of something and a line to a block of
text pops up. Think 'Help text, or Wikipedia info on hyperlinks'.

In any case, here's the "hidden" joke...
"'Barack Obama is much less likely than the average cat to jump in and out of cardboard boxes for fun'; is low precision, but I'm not sure about the accuracy."

Joke 1: The whole comic.
Joke 2: The TEXT in the comic.
Joke 3: The hovertext. (Not available in GoComics etc.)


Ian said...

Barack Obama's cat is some kind of alien monster, exactly what someone 70 feet tall would own.

Maybe we need to run more four legged seventy foot tall people for office.