Friday, November 25, 2022

Miss Cellania's Links

50 Times Cats Hilariously Fell For The “Traps” Their Owners Used To Catch Them. 

How physics can improve the urinal. (via Damn Interesting)

This House is Eight Feet Wide, but Feels Much Bigger.

The 15 Most Extreme Celebrity Pets.

Giant Goldfish Weighing 67 Lbs. Caught by Fisherman. (Thanks WTM!)

From balancing a checkbook to finding dates in person, should Gen Z and millennials learn these vintage skills and preserve boomer wisdom? My Gen Z kids know all these things. (via Fark

The story of the purple tomato — and why its success is a win for GM foods. (via Real Clear Science

Charles Domery, The Glutton. His story might make you feel better about overdoing it on Thanksgiving.

The 100 Greatest TV Theme Songs of All Time. You can skip directly to the top ten here. (via reddit)


gwdMaine said...

Ya know that meme featuring Capt Picard angrily yelling with his arm outstretched? - annoyed Picard. That's me everytime I read a Rolling Stone "best" list. The Flintstones & Green Acres in the bottom 20? The Beverley Hillbillies is ironic enough for a couple of mentions but nowhere to be found.

With a gun and a rope and a hat full of hope Bonanza!

And there's Uncle Joe he's a moving kind of slow at the Junction - Petticoat Junction! Whooo! Whooo!

And I have a very soft spot for ST:Enterprise - Where My Heart Will Take Me - the fans who hate it are Trekkies not Trekkers. But I digress.

Happy Friday Miss C!

Miss Cellania said...

Happy Friday, gwdMaine!

Kolo, I agree about the oil change. My husband used to change the oil at home, and now I'm stuck with a five-gallon jug of old oil that no one will take.

Anonymous said...

Win for gm foods!? Not been a single success yet. Total waste. Have you read any on the subject? A bizarrely misguided faith in bad tech to replace actually viable natural biology systems

Bicycle Bill said...

Miss C, I've heard that this can be blended with fuel oil and burned in oil-fired home furnaces — although assuming a home oil tank of around 150-200 gallons, I don't think I'd mix more than a gallon or so at a time when refilling the tank.

It's also my understanding that this can be combined with and then burned with the oil used to operate old steam locomotives.  So if you know anyone who knows someone who has connections to a steam-powered tourist railroad....


Bicycle Bill said...

After reading through those 100 TV show themes, I realized that roughly a third of them were for shows I've never seen — and in a couple of instances, have absolutely no desire to EVER see — in my life.


xoxoxoBruce said...

A places that do oil changes used to accept used oil dumped into their holding tank because they sold that to the recyclers. That may have changed but it's worth asking.

The purple tomato article...
"Since then, a number of different genetically modified foods have been created, including corn, cotton, potatoes and pink pineapple."

I haven't had a good bowl of cotton for a long time. LoL

Miss Cellania said...

I've asked at oil change places, because I know they have a service that takes their oil away, but they all said "no."

Miss Cellania said...

I've got the same problem getting rid of batteries, tires, and propane tanks. Neither the garbage service nor the recycling center nor any associated businesses will touch them, much less take them. There is an electronics recycling place, but it's an hour away. My brother recently took off a truckload of old TVs, computers, stereo parts, and components for me.

Anonymous said...

Auto parts stores all accept old oil for free.

Tire stores will accept old tires for a nominal fee $3 or so a tire.

WilliamRocket said...

Cat trap #13 - I guess Yusuf is a better name than Stevens.

Heather Moen said...

My dad changed his own oil and then realized he had no way to dispose of it. In the meantime he poured the old oil in the just-used oil containers and put them in the back of the truck. He spent a few days considering how to dispose of the oil old when it was stolen. His problem became someone else's problem!