Monday, November 28, 2022

Miss Cellania's Links

DNA showed a mother was also her daughter’s uncle — how scientists solved this medical mystery.  (via Digg)

People Are Sharing Their Childhood Memories Of Realizing They Were Poor.

The high stakes and unique weirdness of the Georgia Senate runoff, briefly explained.

God Bless Scrooge Parodies, Every Last One.

32 People Who Had A Worse Thanksgiving Day Than You.

Kushim the Sumerian and the first Accounting Mistake in History. (via Strange Company

The Bollard That Eats Cars.

Drought Reveals Rare American Lion Fossil in Dried-Up Mississippi River.

Your Christmas Movie Streaming Guide. 

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xoxoxoBruce said...

I wonder how those DNA discoveries will affect all the court cases being based on DNA evidence?