Thursday, November 10, 2022

Mushroom War

The more you look into fungus, the bigger that kingdom is. Mushrooms are only a small portion of the many funguses that exist all around us. But there are more mushrooms, and more types of mushrooms, than we'll ever see. Mycologists know more of them, and how they develop strategies for survival. The war between death-eating mushrooms and sap-sucking mushrooms is waging all around us, but we'd never know about it if it weren't for mycologists who study such things and Minute Earth, who is glad to tell us about it. The ruthless competition between these types of mushrooms has benefits for the world at large. Death-eating mushrooms break down organic material and capture nitrogen runoff, and sap-sucking mushrooms benefit the trees they live off by extending their ability to draw nutrients from the soil. The scientists studying this phenomena, who are introduced at the end of this video, are looking into how the mushrooms in this war can be harnessed to repair some of the damage we've done to the environment.  

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xoxoxoBruce said...

In the war between the Death-eaters and Sap-suckers I'm only concerned which ones are tastier.