Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Miss Cellania's Links

The Die Hard Advent Calendar Depicts the Greatest Villain Death Ever.

100 Rooms and 70 Secret Doors: Washington DC’s Quirkiest Secret. This hotel/museum/landmark has an amazing history behind it. (via Nag on the Lake)

All the fans at the World Cup in Qatar look suspiciously like South Asian construction workers.

The Iconic House from A Christmas Story is For Sale.

Zombie worlds: five spooky planets orbiting dead stars. (via Geeks Are Sexy

Why Do We Serve Marshmallows on Sweet Potatoes?

What Happened When I Mistakenly Filled a Diesel Cadillac Escalade With Gasoline

Study hints at why older people are more susceptible to the flu. Meanwhile, get a flu shot to protect yourself and older people you may encounter. (via Real Clear Science

A Parent’s Typical Day, as Envisioned by My Child’s Preschool.


Kolo Jezdec said...

Note that the sequel, "A Christmas Story Christmas," was filmed in Hungary and Bulgaria.

We visited the Cleveland house early last year (2021). They have a "tour," which actually is a short presentation and then some time to walk about the house and take pictures. I brought a Red Ryder BB gun, but was not allowed to bring it into the house. We were told that any scene which shows an actual window was filmed in the house, otherwise it was on a set. The house is very small, but probably typical for the time period of the movie.

There is museum across the street that is worth a visit. Also a decent eatery on the opposite corner which had outdoor dining when we were there (COVID).

Anonymous said...


What am I missing here? I wonder what the point of this essay is? Are we to feel bad that a neurosurgeon has a busy life while sending her/his son to a $30,000 a year preschool ($30,000 would have covered almost 2 years of my daughter's college expenses) that apparently has more days off than I do (I am retired, so that is sarcasm).

"This year, the school is raising money for a toddler makerspace. It will be fancier than the lab at my hospital responsible for testing monkeypox samples." Really? Maybe you should work at the preschool instead.

Boo-hoo. My wife quit her teaching job and spent 20 years at home with our children, much of that time spent homeschooling them. No regrets here. She was not the least bit busy, of course. Fortunately, I did not have to interrupt a lobotomy to sign my kid up for something or other. Somehow, both of our kids are living happy and successful lives.

gwdMaine said...

Well, I for one got a hoot from today's McSweeney's daily humour. Which, correct me if I'm wrong, is the point.

More importantly, forget the marshmallows; why in God's name do we/anyone even serve sweet potatoes?

Anonymous said...

Guess it went over my head. I thought it was a long rant. Never mind

Anonymous said...


xoxoxoBruce said...

You're not familiar with McSweeney's, it's alway tongue in cheek.
I am, so I never suspected it was a rant, but now that I think about it as a rant it would be harsh... very harsh.

I thought advent calendars gave out prizes or candy to look forward to each day. I don't know never had one, strictly hearsay.

If we could bring back a hunk of that diamond planet the world's diamond dealers would be ruined.

Hard to believe the Caddy diesel went that far on gas.