Thursday, November 03, 2022

Fourteen Years in an Off-the-grid Cabin

How long can you live off the grid before you get really tired of the deprivations? It depends on how committed to are to constantly making it better. Stephanie and Joel started with almost nothing and built their own home with no plumbing and no electric company. They could have given up after the first year of hard work and no power, but once they got solar panels installed, they could have most of the luxuries of the modern world. After all those years, they now have two toilets! Sure, one is an outhouse and the other a composting toilet, but that still means no waiting. Their story shows that you can live without municipal utilities if you select the right place and are ready to put in the work and make it a long-term project. (via Digg)


Anonymous said...

I'll see your Canadians and raise you Alaskans:

Anonymous said...

Amateurs - the Amish have been doing this, without solar panels, for centuries.

Bicycle Bill said...

So they've turned it into another do-it-yourself motel (AirBNB), which means they're not living there themselves any more.

And I'd hate to guess what they're charging people to experience a day or two of living 'off the grid'.


Miss Cellania said...

Oh, they still live there. They built another cabin or two as Airbnbs.