Monday, August 01, 2022

The Surfing Cat

Most cats avoid being wet if at all possible, but Hokule'a is an outlier. His family noticed he liked to join them in the shower, and stay outside in the rain, so they introduced him to the beach in Honolulu. It wasn't long before Hokule'a was in the water, and swimming quite well. It was a short leap from swimming to surfboarding. It was serendipity that the rare water-loving cat lives in Hawaii, where the water is always warm and his humans love to surf. While humans can only hang ten, Hokule'a can hang twenty! But he prefers calm water. Alessia and Pat don't take him to the big waves, which is just as well. You can keep up with Hokule'a and his family at Instagram. (via Boing Boing)

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Anonymous said...

Hokulea is a great name. I’ve been with the famous traditional Hawaiian ship of that name. It sailed Tahiti-Hawaii-Tahiti with no instruments for navigation but traditional knowledge. Hawaii is over run with stray cats-maybe this clever, cute one will bring awareness to the problem.