Saturday, August 27, 2022

Forecasting Rain

MinuteEarth explains why meteorologists are often wrong about rain. Who expects them to be right all the time? Weather forecasts are way more accurate than they've ever been before. But they aren't perfect. We shouldn't expect them to be. Okay, that being said, MinuteEarth explains why some types of rain are harder to predict than others. You will learn something new and useful about weather forecasting. This video is only three minutes long; the rest is an ad. (via Geeks Are Sexy)


WTM said...

I have read extensively on weather forecasts from 1900 to today, and the forecasts of 120 years ago were essentially as accurate as are today's. Today's meteorologists often issue ridiculous forecasts such as "10% chance of rain"; if it doesn't rain, they say 'well, there was only a 10% chance', and if it does rain they say 'see, we said there was a chance of rain'. Your federal government at work.

gwdMaine said...

^^Hi! We're the Government and we're here to help.

Miss Cellania said...

Where I live, we NEVER have less than a 10% chance of rain. But since my higher math education was all probabilities and statistics, I know that means "go ahead and have your picnic."

Bicycle Bill said...

to Miss C:
10% chance of rain = "go ahead and have your picnic."

to me:
10% chance of rain = not too good a chance of a spontaneous wet T-shirt contest breaking out at Miss C's picnic.


Miss Cellania said...

That would surely put a damper on things!

gwdMaine said...

Hey! Al Sleet here, your hippy dippy weatherman! Tonight's forecast - dark. Followed by widely scattered light in the morning.