Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Pirates of the Caribbean had More CGI Than You Knew

There have been five movies in the Pirates of the Caribbean series, which might make you forget that the first one came out twenty years ago. It was a fun story with great characters, and the world they inhabited looked so authentic that we completely overlooked the many computer-generated visual effects. They were so well-done that we just didn't notice. Oh yeah, we knew the ghosts were special effects, but that was just one small part of the CGI. The truth is that almost every scene in all five films involved CGI that ended up looking quite real. This dive into what was involved in making those movies will give you a new appreciation for those who do this work. (via Digg)

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Bicycle Bill said...

With all this CGI in movies, it seems to me that we are now watching what is, in effect, merely fancier, more high-tech versions of old-time animated films.  The only difference is that we're using computer programs to 'draw in' the fantastic, make-believe stuff instead of the old-time method of human artists painting scenes on celluloid and then taking pictures of them.