Monday, August 15, 2022

Roger Fetches

A young cat named Roger Dodger shows how he retrieves an object and take it back to his human. Up to the cat cubby, to the sisal column, to the second column, to the high shelf, the the second shelf and the third shelf, ever higher! Then all the way back down, using the cabinet instead of the cat cubby this time. He's adorable and well behaved, but you would be, too, if you had a roommate like Smokey Drone Fun. That gymnastics training center he built on the wall must have been quite a project! (via a comment at Fark)


Anonymous said...

My brother and sister-in-law had a cat that would fetch. They would throw a crumbled up piece of paper and the cat would run after it and bring it back to whomever threw it.

This cat would also roll around on the carpet (to build up static electricity) and then touch its nose to a metal threshold to get the shock. It usually took two taps of the nose to discharge the static electricity. After that, the cat would start the process over again. We saw it do this two or three times.

newton said...

My sister had a kitten that would consistently fetch thrown pens (no snacks or other bribes needed). It loved chasing fast moving objects, and figured out that if it brought the pen back to her she would throw it again and it would get to chase it again.