Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Miss Cellania's Links

How Fake are the James Webb Space Telescope Images? Sure, the colors are added, but it more a translation than fakery.

The Pinta’o is the Real Panama Hat.

The Poison Garden, UK's deadliest garden -on purpose. (via Damn Interesting

Cat in the gym does his daily crunches. Sound on!

Darth Maul at Olive Garden.

If you really want to know how men's and women's live are different, ask someone who has transitioned

Food expiration dates don’t have much science behind them. (via Damn Interesting

How Scientists Are Using Cake to Share Their Research.

Flatbush Cats Is Raising Funds to Build Affordable Spay Neuter Clinic to Address Cat Overpopulation in NYC.


Anonymous said...

Transitioned story was interesting even if just confirming most of what we already know about how poorly we treat each other.

gwdMaine said...

What happens when poison reaches its expiration date? Does it become more poisonous or less poisonous? 🤔

Miss Cellania said...

I know juglone loses its toxicity in about a year. That doesn't help much, as the walnut tree exudes it all the time.