Tuesday, August 09, 2022

IHOP and Waffles

IHOP was born without her front legs, hence the name. Duke and Steph, canine special-needs foster parents who go by The Pawerful Rescue, wanted to get IHOP a companion, but other dogs made her feel helpless. That is, until she met Waffles. Waffles was a 10-week-old paralyzed female Great Dane that was slated to be euthanized. But IHOP recognized a kindred spirit in Waffles, who was so happy to have a friend that she started moving her legs! Duke and Steph moved Waffles from a hospice case to permanent pet, and now she gets around on wheels, with encouragement from her best friend IHOP.  

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Anonymous said...

I knew a dog named tripod - he had three legs and everybody tripped over him all the time.