Friday, March 11, 2022

Explaining Capitalism to Aliens

Click to the right to advance the comic. The concept of capitalism is clear and precise, as long as no one asks too many questions. This comic is from Existential Comics.


Infidel753 said...

I sympathize with the point being made, but actually, the real norm being challenged by the aliens here is the rule of law itself. "Why doesn't the stronger group just overpower the weaker group and take what it wants" is a question that could be asked about different groups in any economic or social system. Why don't white people, being more numerous, just re-enslave black people? Why don't gun owners, being better armed, just plunder non-gun-owners at will? If laws and property rights were dismissed as meaningless pieces of paper, I don't see why not.

Anonymous said...

I think Infidel753 says it well. The comic does not make the case either against capitalism, or for Kratocracy.

xoxoxoBruce said...

I suppose they didn't consider the overlords taste bad.
That leaves violent revolution or labor unions.
Because the leadership is elected like the Government Unions have their problems.
But that means like the government it's up the the people to keep them honest.
Plus being a pussy I'd much prefer unions to violent revolution as I find disposing of bodies distasteful.
I think people misunderstood trickle down, it's not money dripping on you or making yellow snow..

WilliamRocket said...

That infidel !
No, it wasn't the 'stronger' class, it was the 'larger' class, and therein lies the subtlety ... a stronger class could easily dominate a weaker one, school yard bully is an example, but it is hard for a larger class or group, let's say the 100 kids bullied by the narcissistic guy ... let's call him, and it always IS a him, let's call him Pootin, or Terump, or, in my country Jacinda Ardern ...wait, she's a WOMAN ! Yes, well, every rule has it's exception ... anyhow, back on topic ... it is hard for a large group to organise itself (excuse correct spelling of organise, I was taught English in England) because you need that overpowering selfishness to believe that you should sharpen the tines of the pitchfork ... it is the same idea that police are liable to hurt you because passive, peace loving, respectful people do not apply for the job of being a dominator, oops, I mean police officer ... without that testosterone fuelled energy the large class of people ... me and maybe you et cetera, sit back and write inane comments of sites such as Miss Cellania's.
I wanted to go and join the demonstration / protest in Wellington N.Z. against the vaccine passport mandates because I have seen that, here in New Zealand at least, the virus is only getting spread at locations where only fully vaccinated - and vaccine passport carrying - people can gather, so, ipso factoid, what the heck is the problem with me not having a vaccine passport ? but, as I have a whole bunch of rescue animals to care for, and I am a bit of a wimp except on this here keyboard, I decided to stay put, giving heft to the fact that large classes of people are not going to overthrow a powerful government.
Take Russia these last few weeks, do you think the people, happily going about the lives, now want to not be allowed to travel internationally, thats not the sanctions stopping them, it's their own government. If they talk against the war, instant 15 year jail time ... so are they rebelling, burning down government buildings, storming their version of Capitol Hill ? No, because the army and/or police would shoot them. How do you rise against that ?
If anyone should know, it is the Russians, they did it big time early last century,but they are not ... at least not yet.