Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Tweet of the Day

Hey, got a PhD in chemistry? Here's a job opportunity! On the surface, this looks like the ultimate in end-stage capitalism. But it's more likely a nepotism deal, and they've already got a candidate picked, yet they have to advertise the position. They can "re-assess" the salary later. (via Fark)


Mathman54 said...

This is what musicians get all the time. Come play for us and get exposure!

Miss Cellania said...

Yeah, photographers, graphic designers, and artists, too. And others. Not to mention interns.

One day my late husband, the bass player, told me we had been invited to a high-class Kentucky Derby party. Wow! But over time, details came out around like he was expected to bring his guitar, then his gear, then the rest of the band let us know they'd heard all the same stuff. They ended up playing all night for drinks.