Thursday, March 24, 2022

Tornado Topples Truck

A tornado ripped through Elgin, Texas, on Monday. The most viral of images from the storm is a video of a red Silverado pickup truck that crossed paths with the tornado. The twister flipped the truck on its side, spun it around, and then righted it. Astonishingly, the man inside was able to drive away. The owner of the truck has stayed anonymous, but we get to see what shape the truck is in.

The man obviously had his seat belt on. I wouldn't be surprised if Chevy seeks out the footage to use in an ad. (via Digg)


xoxoxoBruce said...

At least he had something interesting to talk about at supper.

Bicycle Bill said...

"...if Chevy seeks house the footage in an ad."


I think you missed one of your naps, Miss C.


Miss Cellania said...

I've missed all of them this week. But thanks for finding that, I've fixed it now.

Marco McClean said...

Is the bell telling the camera person to put his seatbelt on? If so, why doesn't he have his seatbelt on?