Saturday, March 26, 2022

How to Get Out of Jury Duty

Mr. Forthright shares his wisdom of the many ways you can get kicked off jury duty. In reality, just being truthful in response to every question will probably get you out of serving. You will still miss a few days of work, because the system is anything but streamlined.

I would never advise that you try to get out of jury duty. It’s part of the obligation we have for living in a democracy, after all. As a stable, upstanding citizen who votes in every election, I have been summoned quite a few times. However, I have never gotten as far as sitting on an actual court case. That one question, “Has anyone in your family ever been convicted of a crime?” gets me thrown off every time. They don’t ask how close the family member was, or what crime it was. I don’t see how they can ever seat an entire panel by being that picky. (via Tastefully Offensive)


Anonymous said...

cute channel

xoxoxoBruce said...

Their methodology in choosing jurors guarantees I can never have a jury of my peers.

Anonymous said...

When we get to Voir Dire, they somehow ask about my courtroom experience. As soon as I say that I make money testifying, they drop me like a week-old, dead rat.

The good part is that one can say whatever one wants at that stage because it is not part of the trial.

Mathman54 said...

I have served on a jury once and on a grand jury once. The grand jury experience was very interesting, and I would recommend it to everyone. I learned a great deal about how the system works, in Texas at least, and I would do grand jury duty again in a heartbeat.