Thursday, March 31, 2022

Voice Recognition Failure

Markus Johansen is Norwegian, but he is speaking English in this Audi, which is either a  rental car or a demo. The car speaks English but has a definite problem with accents. The general consensus is that the car will do anything to avoid playing Nickleback.

But it makes you think: How useful is voice recognition technology globally? Besides the many different languages, there are many accents within each language even among native speakers. Add those who speak whatever language is used as a second language are often just plain out of luck. (via Daily of the Day)


DWVR said...

My spouse, who is a computer consultant, complains about how the Apple Corporation automated intelligence disembodied voice that she all too often encounters over the phone does not recognize her Upstate New York accent. The Apple AI only recognizes California-speak. It doesn't even let her say "yes" or "no," repeatedly demanding she answer the question even though she is literally screaming the answer into the phone. The tech is so poor that it can't recognize a computer geek.

Bilbo said...

My wife is German and speaks excellent English, but with a very thick German accent that prevents her from using anything voice-activated. It drives her to distraction.

gwdMaine said...

Dude! Holde tunga rett i munnen!