Monday, April 19, 2021

Miss Cellania's Links

Audrey Hepburn: The Secret WW2 History of a Dutch Resistance Spy

2021 World Press Photo Contest winners. (via Nag on the Lake)

Cat Attack Turns Serious. 

The Nation’s Corn Belt Has Lost a Third of Its Topsoil

That Sound You Hear Is The Dread Of Late Night Studio Audiences Returning. Over the past year, we've learned they are actually better produced in isolation.

There Once Was a Poem Called a Limerick. Whose history, they say, isn’t quick. It’s all such a muddle, it can leave you befuddled, whether you like the clean or the sick. (via Strange Company

US States Ranked from Best to Worst. (via Fark)

Hollywood’s Beguiling Queen of Pre-Code Cinema. She's talking about Norma Shearer.

Biden’s plan to invest $400 billion to make long-term care cheaper is really popular. Who cares if it fits the definition of infrastructure, since we really need it.

Dolph, the Fine Cat “Goated Into” a Tight Spot at the East Harlem Ice Palace. (via Strange Company)

A blast from the past (2015): Clico: The Story of Franz Taaibosch.


Daddy-O said...

My favorite Limerick is one attributed to W. S. Gilbert, of Gilbert and Sullivan fame, which breaks the rules and makes fun of limericks.

There was an old man of St. Bees,
Who was stung in the arm by a wasp,
When asked, "Does it hurt?"
He replied, "No, it doesn't,
I'm so glad it wasn't a hornet."

Anonymous said...

Awww-- I tend to stay off commenting, but I do dearly love reading your tidbits. Hang in there. A