Sunday, April 22, 2018

The Sisterhood of the Mother Cats

I posted about the TinyKitten birth watch webcam a couple of weeks ago, in which three feral cats awaited their litters of kittens. Black cat Ramona gave birth first, and now has four kittens. Rula, the other black cat, had three. Chloe, the ginger cat, just gets bigger every day. Here we see Ramona and her four kittens making a big fuss over Chloe. Is Ramona comforting Chloe? Is she trying to warn her what she's in for? Or is she just climbing on Chloe to get away from all those kittens? In a later video, we see that they've settled down bit, and it appears that Ramona is comforting Chloe as her labor pains strengthen.

Check out the live webcam to follow Chloe's labor and imminent birth.

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