Monday, April 30, 2018

Miss Cellana's Links

No One in Marvel's Avengers Universe has a Character Arc That Compares to Tony Stark's. His missteps, losses, and failures keep making him a better person.

Why Can’t We Figure Out How the Vikings Crossed the Atlantic? One theory is that they used "sunstones," or Iceland crystals.

I Joined the Tea Party to Drain the Swamp. Trump Isn’t Helping.

When Not-So-Smart People Do Not-So-Smart Things.

Shanghaiing: How Trickery And Deception Turned Thousands of Unwilling Men Into Sailors. During the Age of Sail, a man could wake up at sea with a new name and a contract. (via Strange Company)  

This Is What Your Tongue Looks Like When You Talk. An MRI video takes a look inside, which can be a bit unsettling.

An MSG Convert Visits the High Church of Umami. Once unjustly vilified, monosodium glutamate is making a comeback.

The Souls of Poor Folk. See how far America has come in 50 years (spoiler: not far).  

The 10 Best Sentences in English Literature. Many are stories within themselves. (via Nag on the Lake)

Your Job is Killing You. The number one source of stress may contribute to 120,000 excess deaths a year.

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