Sunday, December 31, 2017

Year-end Lists 2017: Miscellaneous

99 Reasons 2017 Was A Great Year.

These 50 actually nice things happened in 2017. 

Silicon Valley’s Worst Apologies of 2017.

The Best of 2017’s Bad Restaurant Reviews.

Lobsters, Fajitas, Sex Toys, And More: The Best And Weirdest Heists Of 2017. 

The Ten Best STEM Toys of 2017.

The Ten Best Board Games of 2017.

The 17 weirdest fashion trends of 2017.

The 50 Best Big Companies to Work for of 2017, According to Employees.

Dancing Robots, Da Vinci, and a Dunking Bunny Highlight the Year in World Records.

Things We Should Have Learned From 2017, But Probably Didn't.

30 innovations that improved the world in 2017.

The A.V. Club's favorite games of 2017. 

Things We Got Stuck in Our Orifices in 2017.

Who would've guessed that the best goodbye to 2017 would be an ad for a streaming TV series? I guess that's actually kind of appropriate.

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