Saturday, December 30, 2017

The Rattlin' Bog

You may start watching this thinking that they are lip-synching to a record, but no, this woman's voice is just that good. And at the end of an all-night wedding reception.
She is Clodagh McCarthy, singing an old Irish folk song at the wedding of her sister Patrice O’Connor and Donagh Davern in Tipperary. The video has become quite popular.
Patrice comes from a family embedded in music and it was therefore no surprise that a sing-song started after the wedding.

However, what has happened since has been phenomenal, as the video of Patrice’s sister Clodagh McCarthy singing, with Patrice harmonizing, has gone viral.
You can learn the lyrics to "The Rattlin' Bog" for your own wedding if you like.  (via reddit)

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Bruce said...

Wow. She has a wonderful voice. Especially considering it's 5am.