Sunday, December 31, 2017

Year-end Lists 2017: Best of Blogs

Once again, Beutler Ink has produced a year-end poster paying tribute to the newsmakers, celebrities, trends, and memes of the closing year, titled Here's to 2017. This year, that involves a lot of details. I'm happy that Wonder Woman is front and center. Among the politicians and protesters, you'll see plenty of pop stars, athletes, and fictional characters -and a crowded RIP section. That's a lot of people, which makes it hard to see at this size. Enjoy a much larger -and enlargeable- version at Beutler Ink, where there's a link to purchase the poster if you choose.

Maybe I should rename this category "Best of Websites," since blogs aren't so much of a thing these days. Yet I am still linking the year-end retrospectives of the same blogs, as well as other types of sites.

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The best posts and links of 2017.

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See all the year-end lists here.

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