Saturday, December 23, 2017

Presents That Are Really For Yourself

Even the simple act of giving a gift can be selfish. Third Leg Studios presents a scenario in which every gift comes with a selfish intent fro the giver. You think that there must be an end to the ways this can be done, but they go on and on, until every in the family implies their true intent. This poor guy. He probably just wanted some candy for Christmas. And he probably put a lot of thought into the gifts he bought for everyone else. We aren't quite sure he's really related to the rest of them. Five days later, College Humor visits the same idea, except this time it's an office party, and only one guy bought all the gifts.

In this case, it's just Raphael who's figured out the way to manipulate Christmas to buy himself stuff and make himself look generous at the same time. Or so he thought. The recipients called him on it.

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