Thursday, December 21, 2017

Miss Cellania's Links

Art, Commerce, and Zamfir: Selling Music on TV. You'll learn 10 seconds of every song from just watching your favorite TV shows.

All 31 Steven Spielberg Movies, Ranked From Worst to Best. The relationship between #1 and #31 tell us a lot about how Hollywood works these days.

Beyond Porgs: Meet the Space Creatures of Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Learn the real names of the fish nuns, galactic racehorses, and crystal critters.

Productivity is dangerous. The only person who benefits from hard work is the person telling you to work harder. (via Digg)

27 Festive Facts About Christmas Vacation.

Comcast, Cox, Frontier All Raising Internet Access Rates for 2018. News of the increases come just days after the FCC voted to roll back net neutrality protections.

National French Toast Alert System. (Thanks, gwdMaine!)

Family Pets in Vintage Christmas Cards. It's only common sense to put the most photogenic and most-liked family members front and center.

Changing Inmates’ Behavior With Architecture. A look inside the world's most humane prison.

Riding a Time Capsule to Apartment 8G. Dozens of manual elevators are still in use in New York City, and the operators that run them are at your service.


gwdMaine said...

Go see Santa they said. .
It'll be fun they said. .
He called me a "Ho" three times so I left.

Merry Christmas Miss C. If you’re lucky, Santa Claus
Will grace you with his presents.

. . And remember not to leave a fire burning in your
fireplace on Christmas Eve, or you might wake up to
a Crispy Kringle.

Barbwire said...

Merry Christmas, Miss C! Thanks for all the great stories you find for us.

Miss Cellania said...

Merry Christmas back at ya!