Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Why Love Never Works in Star Wars

Romantic relationships in Star Wars are rare and doomed to fail. If you are avoiding spoilers for The Last Jedi, stop reading now, and don't watch the video. There's one main romance in each trilogy (so far), and the one we've seen in the new movie most resembles the passionate yet abusive relationship between Anakin and Padme in the prequels. It would have been enjoyable if they had a better actor to play Anakin. The thing between Han and Leia should have been the exception, as they don't represent different sides of the Force, and the fact that they eventually separated is just sad. But this video from ScreenPrism is mainly about the light side and the dark side in The Last Jedi and the sparks that flew. It won't work out, which is the best thing in the long run for Rey. (via Digg)

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