Tuesday, December 26, 2017

2D And 3D Simultaneously: the Pulfrich Effect

The Pulfrich Effect is a way to present a video in both two dimensions and 3D -at the same time. How can they do that in a YouTube video? We don't have the glasses! Tom Scott explains why it only works in a motion picture, because time is actually part of the formula. It's not new, so you may have seen this effect used in movies and never even realized it. The Pulfrich Effect is said to work better with the bigger sizes of video, and at higher resolutions. Try it in full screen mode to get a more pronounced effect. How does it look to you? I have poorer vision in one eye than the other, so I'm seeing some weird effects that are not easy to describe. (Thanks, Edward!)  


Anonymous said...

You are welcome. (And, Yes, I still read your blog every day.)

- Edward

Vireya said...

That was fascinating! I can't watch video at high res or full screen, due to poor internet speeds, but I could still get the effect. Amazing!