Thursday, December 28, 2017

Miss Cellania's Links

Space Junk. The earth is surrounded by a cloud of dangerous floating garbage.

Porgs now have their own subreddit.

Andrew Jackson had a magnolia tree planted on the west side of the White House lawn in 1835. The Jackson Magnolia has come to the end of its life after being on display for 182 years. (via Uproxx)

It Didn’t Take Very Long For Anesthesia to Change Childbirth.  

He’s 79 and working full time at Walmart: A sobering truth for those without pensions.

If Movie Poster Taglines Were Honest. You'll laugh at the ones you understand, and maybe you'll become curious about what actually happened in those movies you haven't seen.  

Years of Attack Leave Obamacare a More Government-Focused Health Law.

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