Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Cat's Paw Anatomy

(via Buzzfeed)


Anonymous said...

I'll stick to calling them "murder mittens

WilliamRocket said...

I think we all should differentiate between front and back paws.

I only suggest this as, with my cats at least, they use the front paws for burial of post-utilised energy dense fuel carrying pods, and, on occasion and especially when the climate change is tilting towards the colder months here in the remote and often forgotten about Southern Hemisphere, the owner of those cute paws races straight back in the house and jumps up on the bed and starts to work her way down under the covers.

Sure theres the 15 metre dash over the deck, lounge floor and bedroom mat first, but every now and again, just that once in a while ... you get a whiff of some earthy evil vomit inducing taint in your nose, and you have to get up and change the sheets, the duvet, and wash the cat.

Try and find the dream back after that !