Monday, April 01, 2024

Musical Instrument

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WilliamRocket said...

Here's a quick story for you all.

The last house I built for myself was going to be my forever home, a big black clad two storey place overlooking the Auckland inner harbour, backing on to a reserve, and with 7 Queen palm trees which I built around, and into, the decks.

The best laid plans and all that ... the neighbour, a barrister, decided to sue me because he said I said yes to him building a studio on the boundary line, when in reality I said no from the get go.
Many thousands of dollars in legal fees, a whole death knell of stress is what I got from that.
Then her and I, a couple everybody invited because we were the life and 'C'mon, lets dance' at parties, started to break up .... hang on, I'll just get another Jack Daniels and SUGAR FREE coke ... called cola, for legal reasons ... ...
Anyhow, those two things happened, and I found out that I was suffering from heart disease which ... is a story for another time.
All the above issues had me in a tizzy, and I ended up putting the house on the market and ... starting a new life.
But I had built a roof deck on this house, great for watching sunsets and city lights and the fireworks come November, and the house plans I had had passed by the local authority didn't show any roof decks, so when it came time to sell I had to cover the roof deck up.
And the doing so gave me an 'attic' ... in which, temporarily. I stored some things I didn't use often. and a couple of those things were some classic german train sets with locomotives that made their own 'steam' and had lights and even a horn !
You can see where this is going ?
Lol, sigh.

So, moving day, legal ownership changeover happens at 4pm on the Friday, my friend Michael has a covered in truck and has offered to move me.
He doesn't rock up until half 2 and that gives me 90 minutes before the new owners come and take over.
The soon to be ex-partner and a few friends are there and we load everything up and 'move on out' literally, bye bye lovely house I built, hello smaller with less of a view new house.

All good, but fast forward 8 odd years and I go looking for my train sets ... and they are nowhere here.
Brain fog clears eventually and I realise where they are.
Back in the old house, up in the 'attic'.

Here's the question ... the 'attic' had a pull down ladder, as it was a roof deck, but when I covered over the deck I also lined over the stairs.

Now I know the new owner changed the house around a bit after he moved in, but did he figure out that there was a secret attic ?

Did he find it and also my train sets (and some other goodies worth some money) and keep quiet ?

His neighbour, my old neighbour, and I are still good friends, surely if you found a few classic trainsets and other stuff, you would say to your neighbour 'Hey, your friend I bought the house from, he left some stuff in the attic, you want to give him a call to come get it ?'

Or is he an evil person and thought 'Ooh, bonus, some classic train sets for me to play with !'

Maybe he saw the above advert wanting model train sets and gave that guy Richard a ring ?