Saturday, June 30, 2012

100 Historical Guitar Riffs

Alex Chadwick plays all 100 guitar riffs in one take -I'm impressed! They're all labeled, but they'll be so familiar to you that you could probably name most without seeing the titles. (via The Daily What)


Red Neptune said...

Roling Stones BITCH Best!

Simon George said...

I have seen this video a few times now on different blogs and it really is quite impressive. I don’t think I even know 100 licks and I def cant play them back to back. Great post/video keep up the hard work. Check these out IStillGotMyGuitar

WordyGrrl said...

This is a great video to show aspiring new musicians. Talent isn't about who you can copy. It's about how many different sounds and moods you can evoke with the same instrument.