Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Year-end Lists 2020: Internet

Google's Year In Search 2020

Google Trends has released the top search terms for 2020, and made this video to illustrate the overarching topics of what people searched for. It's a short but good look at the year, centered around the word "why," but then you see the actual lists of top searches in the US, and the top "why" doesn't have anything to do with big events. The global list is more consistent, with really big news at the top of every topic.

The A.V. Club's best things on the internet in 2020, and the worst things.

The 39 Most Defining Memes of 2020.

The biggest Tweets of 2020, and other 2020 statistics from Twitter.

Here’s The Most Shared News Post On Facebook In 2020 (It’s Not What You Think).

Facebook's Year in Review 2020.

Year in Review: The Biggest Social Media Moments of 2020.

Social Media Got Very Sad in 2020. 

Pandemics and politics: 2020 through the lens of Wikipedia

YouTube announces the top videos and creators of 2020.

The Most Viral Video On TikTok This Year.

Top 200 most common passwords of the year 2020.

Tinder's Year in Swipe 2020.

The Best Podcasts of 2020. 

See all the year-end lists here.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

I enjoyed the most viral video Tik-Tok and the most defining memes of 2020, thanks!

Jac said...

You could pretty much switch those best and worst lists from the AV Club and no one would know you did it.
Pretty much the last thing on the internet with a shred of decency and self respect left is Miss Cellania and even this plsce got me worried a couple times in 2020.

Unknown said...

Thank You Miss Cellania, I hope you have a healthy and prosperous New Year !