Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Year-end Lists 2020: Best of Blogs and Websites

I didn't have a good image for this post, so here's Stephen Colbert's New Year greeting.

Many of your favorite blogs and websites do an internal list of their biggest, best, or most interesting posts the past year. I try to find as many of those as I can to let you know about them, but I always feel as if I've missed someone important. If you know of such a list that I haven't included here, let me know and I will update it.  

Reddit’s 2020 Year in Review. The top post was from Rick Astley.

Reddit’s 2020 Community Reflections.

Here are the milestone moments of the year as reported by America’s Finest News Source (The Onion).

Longform's Best Articles of 2020.

Our Favorite io9 Videos of 2020.

Fark's Headline of the Year winners. See the other contenders here

Gizmodo's 100 Most Popular Posts of 2020.

Buzzfeed's Top Quizzes of 2020.

Twenty-Five of Smithsonian's Favorite Stories From 2020.

2020’s 20 most-read stories on Ars Technica.

Messy Nessy Chic’s 20 Greatest Hits of 2020.

A Strange Company 2020.  

Best of the Infidel, 2020.

Mental Floss' 25 Most Popular Stories of 2020.

See all the year-end lists here

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Debra She Who Seeks said...

It's a bad year alright when Chris Evans' dick pic is a major highlight.