Thursday, August 11, 2011

Lnks for Fun

Snow skiing in August will cool you off like nothing else! Watch A Video Postcard from a Summer Shred Session in Chile.

Tao Tao is a giant panda born at the Wolong Panda wild training base in China, but he has never seen a human face. His caretakers always dressed in panda costumes to train Tao Tao for a life in the wild. (via Buzzfeed)

No need to get your ducks in a row. They tend to do that all by themselves.

People Who Got Owned By The Internet. The web can wreck your life, but only rarely through no fault of your own. (via Film Drunk)

Animals like to get high, as you’ll see in this slideshow of stoned critters. That’s why we don’t let them drive or operate heavy machinery.

Why The Robot Takeover Won’t Be Anytime Soon. Every new model has some spectacular misfires, which leaves us with entertaining videos, if nothing else.

Surely you can spare five seconds to watch Patton Oswalt portray a wizard in the 5-Second Film called The Final Battle? Heck, I would have watched that for ten seconds!

Jonathan Stark posted his Starbucks card online, with the barcode visible, to see what smartphone owners would do with it. Some got a cup of coffee, but many others reloaded the card for him!

In The Hospital of the Future, the entire body can be fluoroscoped and babies come out of sliding drawers. At least, that was in the vision in the 1950s.

A man in Beijing spent $15,000 to make his proposal memorable -by dressing himself and 48 friends as giant carrots! See it and a gallery of other wacky proposals.

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