Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Funny Links

Seven Little Girl Cats.

7 of the most subtly depressing sitcom premises of all-time. Yet another reason I rarely watch TV.

Check out these cartoon versions of my four cats.

9 Road Signs For Your Life. Most are spot-on, but the creators should eventually learn it’s not “all pretty much downhill from here.”

The 50 Greatest Celebrity Prom Photos. Smile nicely, high school seniors, you never know if your date may one day be famous! (via Gorilla Mask)

Panhandling or street theater? This guy has clever signage down to an art!

The Rise And Fall Of An Internet Meme [CHART].

Andy Graulund made a rage face comic to the lyrics of Bohemian Rhapsody. It didn’t take long for a music video to be made from it.

Does the Person You’re Talking to Want to Hear About Your Dream? You could give a simple answer (no), but it’s more fun to follow a flowchart. (via Buzzfeed)

Firemen use the Jaws of Life to rescue a baby fawn stuck in a pile of rocks. The reunion with his mama will touch your heart.

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