Thursday, May 20, 2010

Links for Fun

Flashmob Surprise Party. This will make you feel good.

How Lost Will End. Spoiler ONLY if they use the Scooby-Doo ending.

When a Guy Does Something Wrong. It's not always this way, just often enough to make us believe it. (via Blame It On The Voices)

The Best and Worst Graduation Cakes. I had no idea there were this many ways to misspell "congratulations"!

More strangely misspelled graduation cakes.

19 Essential Talking Points for the Banana Enthusiast. And if there's one thing we have plenty of, it's banana enthusiasts!

Geeks Are Sexy presents the Geek Alphabet, illustrating each letter with Creative Commons photography. And when you read them all together, they make a really geeky poem!

9 Hilarious Wedding Bloopers. With video evidence. Some of these I've posted before, but not all of them! (via the Presurfer)


Anonymous said...

I've been missing my morning cup o'links with you. You and Mukhtar's surprise party made my day! I'm so glad I found your links for fun.

Miss Cellania said...

Just a vacation for a week. I'll be back up to speed soon! Thanks for the kind words.