Monday, July 06, 2009

Links for Fun

24 Most Ridiculously Thought Out Storefront Signs. They may be victims of language differences, but they certainly will draw your attention.

LEGO Acade. The stop-motion video recreates classic 80s video games using our favorite building blocks.

Robo-geisha: a movie trailer from Japan. NSFW.

The Top 10 Weird Sex-Related Mishaps. Not for the squeamish. (via Unique Daily)

True stories, told in one sentence. There are hundreds of these, if you want to explore more than the best fifty.

Listen to the croaking! Can you imagine the size of the frog that would make such a noise?

This music video for the Japanese group Sour was compiled using fans and their webcams. You might think that the be the easy way out, but the end product is anything but simple.

10 Best Uses Of Classical Music In Classic Cartoons. You can call it a music appreciation session or an excuse to watch cartoons.

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