Friday, December 19, 2008

The latest on Mr-Too-Good-To-Be-True

The latest on Mr-Too-Good-To-Be-True: This morning my car wouldn't start. Normally, I would tell the kids to walk to school, but today was Christmas party day and Princess was wearing high heels and Gothgrrl was dressed like Santa Claus, and they had gifts to carry. So I called the guy I'm seeing and he was here in minutes. He took the kids to school, then took his son to the orthodontist, then brought a car charger and plugged my car in. While he was waiting for the car to charge up, he vacuumed my living room and fired up the carpet shampooer! He told me to go get back on the computer so I can get some work done. See, he knows I have relatives coming from out of town and I'm also chronically behind on my internet work -mainly due to spending time with him.

I thought, hot damn! I'd love to brag on this, but no one would believe me.

Mere moments after I had that thought, the doorbell rang. It was my pastor's wife dropping by to talk about the dinner party they were hosting tonight. Ha!

I was dateless at the dinner party because he's shy about crowds of people he doesn't know. In situations like that, I'm a bit leery of talking about "my boyfriend" because it might come across as a fictional character dreamed up by a desperate old lady. After all, no one there had ever actually seen him. Or had ever seen me in the company of a man.

But tonight was different. "This guy I'm seeing came over today and shampooed my carpet."


"Yes, really! And I have a witness!"

Pastor's wife: "Yes, he was shampooing the carpet!"

Several women: "Lucky you!"

Hee hee!

(Image from the book Porn for Women)

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