Friday, December 19, 2008

Friday Fun Links

The Sun-Sentinel's Scared of Santa picture gallery now has 269 photographs of disastrous holiday sittings. That's 110 more than last year!

8 Guinness World Record Attempts That Failed (Hilariously). Lesson learned: try to know what you're doing before you go public with it.

Vote for the Sexiest Geeks of 2008! Wired's annual poll is open for nominations and voting.

17 Awesome Gingerbread Houses. They look good enough to eat; or even good enough to live in!

Rudolph, and Santa’s 27 Other Reindeer. How the legend of the flying reindeer evolved and spun off lots of Christmas stories.

Hangover Cures from Around the World. Just the thought of ingesting some of these will put you off drinking for a while. (via Neatorama)

What would happen if you put a lighter in a blender? Don't try it yourself before watching this slow motion video.

The Pug Head Tilt. They only do this so we can all say "Awww" together.

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