Thursday, December 04, 2008

Good Reads and Information

The Stories Behind Hollywood Studio Logos. Meet the woman who carried a torch for Columbia and the Dreamworks boy who fished from the moon.

Why going "Made in the USA" for a week left me hungry, broke, and half-naked. Buying American is a lot more difficult than you would think.

Top Ten Fugitives That Were Never Caught. If you see these men, there could be a reward in it for you. (via Unique Daily)

10 Facts About Diamonds You Should Know. These are in a addition to what you learned by watching Blood Diamond.

A diamond mine under a frozen Arctic lake uses 25,000 gallons of fuel a day to excavate 3,150 tons of rock. The resulting product will fill two coffee mugs, but it's a profitable business.

Four Pieces of Land Not Worth Fighting Over (But That Never Stopped Anyone). You have to dig deeper to find the real motivations for these wars.

The science of illusion can give you an out-of-body experience, or even convince you that you've switched bodies with someone else. Someone like Scott Bakula in Quantum Leap.

Inside the curious world of nude modeling for artists. It's OK, Mom, it's ART!

The environmental benefits of a cut Christmas tree, compared to an artificial tree. For one thing, they smell good, which improves the environment of your home.

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