Thursday, January 24, 2008

Some Fun Links

Shirts and Skins. More than just a friendly game of basketball, THIS is DESIRE!

Ten Stunning Ultra-Geeky Home Cinemas, each designed around one favorite movie or movie series. Star Trek outnumbers Star Wars 3 to 1 here.

Bunnies in Prison. A collection of surreal animations about the misadventures of a couple of incarcerated bunnies. Scroll down and click on a video image. The site is in Japanese, but the videos have no dialogue. (via Militant Playtpus)

When gamers David and Elly got married, their friends designed a video game just for them. You can watch it as they first played it. (via Metafilter)

RoboPult! How To Make a vision-guided fireball-throwing catapult out of an ordinary industrial robot. (via Unique Daily)

A compilation video of people failing badly in whatever they are doing. Might be painful to watch, or it might give you the giggles. Or both.

14 really cool research facilities around the world. Posted in three parts, because everyone has their own favorite to suggest.

The Top 10 real life Star Trek inventions. (via Geek Like Me)

The Ultimate Cubicle Prank. The detail and craftsmanship are amazing -and these guys are obviously underutilized in their jobs.

Minding Rocco. A short creepy story that reinforces that children do not like clowns. Now I don’t, either.

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