Friday, January 04, 2008

Informative Links

What’s really going on when we dream? A Harvard psychologist says dreams are really just thinking in a different biochemical state.

What I learned about network television at Dateline NBC. “Networks are built on the assumption that audience size is what matters most. Content is secondary; it exists to attract passive viewers who will sit still for advertisements.”

Pink Tentacle’s Top Ten Posts of 2007.

World Privacy Rankings. (via Metafilter)

What causes traffic jams? A team of mathematicians from the University of Exeter explain some are the result of a “backwards traveling wave.’ Something to think about the next time you’re stopped in traffic.

German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer was such an extreme pessimist that he thought we live in the worst of all possible worlds and happiness is an illusion. Here’s his advice on how to attain happiness.

25 Things You Should Never Include on a Resume.

The difference between a high acheiver, a gifted learner, and a creative thinker. This may explain why I never lived up to my teacher’s expectations.

How Denmark Kicked Its Foreign Oil Habit. After the arab embargo of the 70s, Denmark decided it never wanted to depend on a foreign supply again, and they now export energy!

Epicurus Was Right About Happiness (Mostly). Deconstructing the Greek philosopher’s four-step recipe for happiness.

7 Essential Tips to Make 2008 Your Best Year Ever. Print this out and stick it to the wall, because you don’t want to forget them by February.

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