Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Good Reads

It’s a crash course in science at your fingertips! Evolving Thoughts has a list of articles on Basic Concepts in Science.

A collection of tips, actually links to full articles, on how to start getting up early in the morning. But don’t stay up too late reading them!

The Top Ten Heartbreaking Gadgets of 2007. Beta testing and listening to consumer feedback could’ve saved some of these gadgets, but you still may have trouble finding a Wii.

The Top Ten Business Debacles of 2007. What’s amazing about this year’s list is that these screwups affected huge numbers of people.

Crystal Island
, the world’s biggest building, is set to be built in Moscow within five years. The 27 million square foot interior will feature apartments, hotel rooms, a school, shopping, and over 16,000 parking spaces.

7 Technologies that will Save the Earth in 2008. If these can be made affordable, people will line up to use them.

The Coin Jar Calculator. The easy way to figure out how much money you’ve dumped when you empty your pockets over time.

Top 10 Women in Science developments of 2007. Too recently it would have been difficult to come up with ten developments at all!

If you didn’t like what you got for Christmas, don’t wait too long to return it! Here are return policies for 15 major retailers.

New anti-aging drugs may eliminate the pain and suffering of old age, but they won’t eliminate death. Imagine the shock we will feel when great-aunt Lucy keels over while waterskiing at age 95.

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