Monday, January 21, 2008

Good Reads

What bloggers are saying about the FDA’s decision to allow cloned meat to be sold without identification in the US.

The most dangerous game reserve on earth. In Congo’s Virunga National Park, survival of the world’s gorillas depends on park rangers who risk their lives in a war zone.

A scientists looks at the causes of the Black Plague, parts one and two. Forensic diagnoses of patients 500 years in the past leads to lots of questions and several theories.

Science has discovered something every deejay and voiceover artist already knows: We can hear smiles. And we can even tell what kind of smile it is!

A specially designed polymer embedded with nanotubes could be the first synthetic skin with real sensitivity. This may lead to prosthetic limbs that deliver sensation and feedback.

How to rescue a wet cellphone. There’s no independent validation on whether this really works, but it’s the only advice for the situation I’ve seen.

5 fascinating ‘alternative’ school premises. Neccesity is the mother of invention for some of these, others are innovative modern design, but all are pretty cool ideas for schoolhouses.

The Library of Congress has uploaded 3,000 public domain photos to Flickr. This could keep you busy for days.

Learn how to travel the world and find free accomodations from a “professional hobo.” Here are eight websites to get you started.

How the web began. The short version of the first chapter of internet history.

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